COVID-19 Bargaining

Impact Bargaining for Technology | Fall 2020

What do YOU need to teach online this semester? Let your NTFC Bargaining Team know! In Solidarity Follow us on social media for event notifications and more! NTFC Communications Committee

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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Community and Professional Resources

*Last Updated on May 5th, 2020.* There are now over 1,200,000 confirmed cases of Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19, in the United States. On March 20th Governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker, issued a shelter-in-place order effective until at least April 7th. This order has since been extended until May 30th. To avoid contracting or […]

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Fall 2020 Amendment

Amendment Proposed to clarify financial “review” vs. “statement” in the NTFC Constitution Presented to the membership for vote, October 29, 2020 Article V  Duties of officers  Section 4. The Treasurer shall:  f) prepare a financial review statement in accordance with AFT/IFT and AAUP rules and guidelines, present review that statement to the Executive Council or a committee appointed by the Executive Council, and present a final review statement […]

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