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ATLAS Tech For Teaching | Fall 2020

Here’s some great news for all of our colleagues in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences! This is a message from ATLAS, the LAS tech service. If you’re having any difficulty getting the tech you need to teach this Fall, please reach out to your department’s EO’s and staff to make sure they know […]

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Fall 2020 Amendment

Amendment Proposed to clarify financial “review” vs. “statement” in the NTFC Constitution Presented to the membership for vote, October 29, 2020 Passed by Membership November 5, 2020 Ratified November 10, 2020 Article V  Duties of officers  Section 4. The Treasurer shall:  f) prepare a financial review statement in accordance with AFT/IFT and AAUP rules and guidelines, present review that statement to the Executive Council or a […]

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