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Making History

From Dorothee Schneider, Teaching Associate Professor– History. After teaching American history for more than three decades, a lot of what I teach in the classroom refers to events I actually experienced:  Watergate, Ronald Reagan’s “It’s Morning in America,” and Bill Clinton’s “I Feel Your Pain.”  I watched the towers of the World Trade Center fall with my […]

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Bargaining Updates

Notes from the 10th Session 05/17

We are excited to report the progress we have made. We have strong concerns about the upcoming session, but first, the progress. Today, we signed five tentative agreements. A tentative agreement means that both sides have agreed to the language within specific pieces of the contract. Once all of the pieces have tentative agreements, then […]

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News and Events

All Our Best to the Best

May 17th marked the end of Leslie Thomas’s official role as Operations Coordinator for NTFC. We say ‘official’ because her impact will long continue. NTFC is so grateful for the energy, optimism, and expertise she brought to her role. We are a stronger union for her efforts.  We wish Leslie the absolute best as she […]

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Nothing from May 24, 2019 to May 31, 2019.